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My Story

My story began when I lost an extremely beautiful Uncle in 2019, a man so full of ​life, flamboyant and eccentric. He was a wonderful man who spent his life serving ​and volunteering in his community. It was an extremely hard loss and I miss his ​beautiful face every day. My Uncle loved his life by the sea in Potato Point NSW and ​swam everyday. His final wish was to be laid to rest in his favorite town at his ​favorite beach, however I really wanted to be able to keep a little bit of this ​wonderful bright flamboyant soul with me in a way that honored him and his ​wishes.

This is how Ashes2Art began, I found a way to be able to have him within my sight and reach whist still paying homage to his last wish. Merging art with ashes and respecting the spirit, they are not only there for us to feel close to, but they are there watching over our families and always being part of our lives as we move forward. I have created some beautiful art styles that you can choose from to remember, enjoy and admire. I am introducing a new form of art so that those we have lost will always be within our home.

Beach Memorial

My handcrafted memorials are made in your choice of color, with your loved one's remains in the sand, and then sealed with multiple layers of pigmented glass resin. Your memorial board is a birch art board all are made to order and are of the highest standard available on the market. Your completed memorial will then be returned, for you and your family to reflect and remember.

40 x 40 cm $450.00

40 x 60 cm $590.00

50 x 60 cm $ 750.00

60 x 60 cm $ 790.00

60 x 80 cm $ 850.00

80 x 80 cm $ 990.00

80 x 120 cm $1400.00

'Barely Gone'

Bear Memorial

Our 'Barely Gone' memorial bears are a beautiful addition to the memorials we offer. Our bears stand at 46cm and are a great size to snuggle with. You will provide the clothing of your loved one and we will turn them into custom outfits that your bear will wear. Our male bears will have your loved one's ashes within the buttons of his clothing & our female bears will wear either a brooch or pendant.



NOTE: Bears have 2 items of clothing included in the ​custom outfits as well as a hat or headband, additional ​clothes are an additional cost.

boho heart line

Tree of life

Your tree of life is designed with your loved one’s ashes as the ​base of the tree and has a combination of up to three ​different colors in your heart leaf foliage. The Tree of Life ​symbol represents our personal development, uniqueness ​and individual beauty. Your tree includes the name of your ​loved one with their date of birth and passing and a small ​quote that is of your choice. Our frames come in natural ​timber look or black.

19 x 24cm $ 99.00

Pocket ​Hug

Pocket hugs are a beautiful little keepsake measuring 35mm x ​35mm with your loved ones ashes and a choice of 32 ​background colours.



Crescent Moon Outline




Shaye Oval Ring $150

Heart Ring $150

Twisted Ring $150

Ayer Ring $150

Hannah Ring $150

Rolled Ring $150

Baylie band ring


Forever Charm


Men's Cuff links


Inlay Ashes

Ring $130

Available in gold/silver/black

Malibu Double Sided Floral $190

Crown Oval Necklace $110

Oval Necklace$110

Crown Teardrop Necklace $110

Coral Necklace $120

Orb Necklace $110

Crown Heart Necklace $110

Round Bezel $95

All rings are crafted by Headrush Jewellery - I have been creating silver & base metal jewellery for 15+ years. Every bespoke handcrafted piece is made with love & in its creation holds a moment in time.

As every piece is uniquely handcrafted there will always be very slight differences to that in the photo.All jewellery is available in silver, some lines are available in gold, pricing points are not listed for gold jewellery,please confirm availability & price before ordering. Chains are not supplied with pendants.

Baby Memorials

Boho Garland Icon

The death of a child is devastating and often referred to as the worst experience a parent can endure. It shatters our core beliefs and assumptions about the world and the expectations about how life should unfold. The overwhelming suffering and intense emotions that flood the days, weeks, months, and years following the loss, is grief in its rawest form.

Losing a child is something we all hope never happens within our family, there is no preparing for the loss of a child even following a long illness. Ashes2Art is here for you and your family at this time to help gently guide you through the process of creating a beautiful memorial for your precious child.

I have a selection that you are able to choose from, or alternatively you are able to work with me to create something beautiful that you have in mind. Ashes2Art is committed to assisting everyone through their grief and we have not forgotten our babies in the early stages of your pregnancy ranging from 5 weeks to 13 weeks a loss is a loss no matter how early and we have beautiful little frame keepsakes to honour them and your loss.

ribbon heart shape gold, doodle line heart, sticker heart

Proudly supporting SIDS Red Nose foundation

Animal Memorials

Paw Print Frames

These frames come in 12 different ​colours and 3 sizes, your furbaby’s ​ashes are in the paw prints with a ​picture and small message of love.

Small $79.00 19 x 26 cm

Medium $89.00 21 x 29 cm

Large $99.00 23 x 33 cm

Framed Paw Print

With over 60 colours to choose from

for the heart your furbaby’s ashes ​create a paw print, with an ​embossed picture and small quote, ​Frames come in timber and white.


Paw Print Key Chain

With over 60 colours to choose ​from your furbaby’s ashes are ​placed within the wings as a ​beautiful keepsake.


Over the Rainbow Bridge

With over 32 colours to choose ​from your furbaby’s ashes are ​placed within the charm (fits ​Pandora bracelets).



Elizabeth Ivkovic

"Keri is a kind, loving, gentle soul with an intuitively empathic approach who went above and beyond to help me create the ​perfect Art for Chris & I. Keri and I connected in a way that made me feel acknowledged, safe, loved & heard. Her openness ​also empowered me to be true to myself and respectfully follow my heart which was incredibly healing for me after losing ​Chris so soon. I instantly felt a sense of calm and peace when I first laid eyes on this beautiful art and now having Chris back ​home brings an incredible sense of comfort and finally feel we are both at peace now. I am forever grateful to Keri for ​creating such beauty and for also coming into my life. Keri you are incredible

We stumbled across Keri and her stall at a local market and the second she explained that she was a cremation artist and ​saw her works we were touched. Her pieces were just beautiful, and made even more so by being able to set a piece of your ​loved ones inside. Keri’s process and approach from beginning to end in turning our loved one’s ashes into a beautiful ​beach resin scene was caring, and understanding as she cherished the memories of them. We are in awe of the result, and ​are so pleased to be able to take this memorial with us as we move through life.

Ashley & Lauren Pye

Just wanted to say a big thank you for my beautiful mum's art work. It warmed my heart when I saw her picture ​completed. So respectfully, you kept me updated with the entire process and let me know that my loved ones ashes ​were safe in your hands. The fact that you incorporated my mother’s favorite music whilst you work shows your ​wonderful nature and commitment to the job you do. Cannot express how delighted I am with the end result and ​knowing that a piece of mum is with us in our home. I would not hesitate in recommending ‘ashes to art’ to anyone. ​Beautifully tasteful. Thank you so much.

Keri, it is hard to put into words how beautiful and meaningful your artwork is. Your business has given us the opportunity ​to keep Christine close to her family in a beautiful and unique way. When we look at your amazing artwork we know that ​Christine's spirit is there to watch over us and she will always be a part of our lives.

Alan & Rebecca Small

Lucinda Heath

After losing my husband and children's father our world tragically changed, I was looking for a unique way to capture his ​ashes and for us to see his beauty every day. Adam wasn't your typical bloke and so an urn just wasn't the right option ​for us. Along came the amazing Keri, having seen her work on a friends wall, I was amazed that this could be achieved ​and I knew it was exactly what we needed. Being interstate from one end of the country to the other I was a little ​concerned on how this would work. After talking with Keri and face timing I was able to see all the different stages of ​the process, I was so comforted and trusted her completely with his ashes and the guidance to create something that ​means so much to us.

Keri rang me the day the ashes were received so that I knew Adam had completed his journey. I actually went interstate ​to pick up the piece as I just had to meet her. I can really never put into words the feeling I had when Adam's memorial ​was revealed, the masterpiece was so beautifully and magically created. I cried, but was so happy to sense that I felt ​Adam immediately when I saw it and my girls were also just in shock not knowing the feeling they were experiencing.

Adam's ashes and his love are now the centerpiece of our home and so it should be as it is just so captivating and for ​anyone who visits, his presence is captured by showcasing this amazing art form. I can not in words or in any other way ​explain the feeling but I know it is beyond love I have for the work Keri achieves. I couldn't wait to just have it in my ​home and feel it with his presence and I look at it every single day still in awe.

Thank you Keri for what you do with both your creative works and also your spiritual sense you truly are amazing, keep ​making the most precious gifts from those who have passed. The world needs more people like you in it. I know in my ​heart Adam would love this too and be at peace with our decision.

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Questions & Answers

The process

The process of creating a memorial starts with the size that you require, a payment for the full amount is then paid directly into a nominated bank account. Once payment is verified a vessel for the cremated remains of your loved one to be placed in will be sent to you. Simply send this back to the Po.Box and I will contact you as soon as they have arrived, to put your mind at peace.

The design

Once the memorial is about to be started I will make contact with you to talk about colors and what you are looking to achieve.

How much of my loved one do I send?

Depending on the size of the memorial you choose will decide how much you will need to place in the vessel. On average the smallest beach memorial requires 5 teaspoons with the larger requiring around 10.

If you intend to have a tree of life in addition each tree will require 1.5 teaspoons. When your vessel arrives it will have instructions on what you will need to do. This is an extremely difficult and painful time and some people are just not ready to complete this task. This is a completely normal reaction - if you approach your local funeral home and explain what your intentions are most should be more than happy to assist you, alternatively ask some one in your family or support network.

How do they get home?

Once your memorial is complete I will call you to let you know that your loved one is ready, this is when you will make the decision about how you are returning your memorial home and that is either Australia post or a courier service that you will choose at your cost.

Once your memorial is complete I will call you to let you know that your loved one is ready, this is when you will make the decision about how you are returning your memorial home and that is either Australia post or a courier service that you will choose at your cost. An extreme amount of care is taken when packing the memorial for their journey home.

Completion times

From the time you send your loved one's cremated remains and I make initial contact, generally I begin your work around 2-3 weeks later. Once your memorial has begun it will take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete and cure before it will be ready to come home.

Additional questions

If you have any additional questions that I have not answered here please feel free to give me a call or leave a message and I will call you at my earliest convenience.

Having a memorial commissioned is a large step and I understand that the decision is an emotional one so know that I am here for you throughout the process.

Is there any additional requirements

When I begin a memorial a part of my process is to connect with the soul that I am working with, so it's always nice to have a photograph of your loved one to relate to. I also really enjoy hearing about their life and how they chose to live in this crazy world we call ours.

Tell me a little about them, what they loved, their families, their favorite music, share with me some of the memories you have that are held close to your heart. It is a beautiful honour to create these memorial pieces for you and your family to cherish, being able to have them in your home, to touch and some times chat to brings much comfort to those that I have had the pleasure to work with. I am so very thankful to be chosen by you to complete your loved one's memorial.



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